Double Glazing

Double glazing is now a staple part of any British home, ensuring improved insulation and heat retention. The secret to double glazing providing good insulation is the air-filled gap between the panes of glass. This gap reduced the amount of heat that is transferred between the panes of glass which helps to keep heat inside the house or building, and cold out of it. Of course, this works both ways so on a warm day less of the heat would be transferred into the building and kept outside. This is why double glazing is also described as insulated glazing.

There are a number of different types of window to choose from when installing double glazing. Window refers to the glass and frame, whichever style they are in. There are a number of different styles of window, below are descriptions of a few.

Casement windows are the most commonly used in double glazing installations currently. This is because it is versatile in terms of shape, size and opening, meaning that it is suitable for any building. These windows can be opened fully which adds to their versatility.

Sash windows are generally the most expensive type available. Sash windows slide up or down to open, rather than inwards or outwards. This means that they are perfect for any building with limited outside or inside space. They are very popular in the USA, particularly in apartment blocks that are situated close together. Sash windows can also be found in older British houses and buildings, and are considered a feature of period housing.

Skylights are positioned in rooms are areas where there is a limited amount of natural light. A skylight aims to brighten up the area by letting some natural light come in through the ceiling or roof.
Fixed Pane Windows do not open; they are simply a pane of glass in a frame. They are designed to add light to any room, and also frame an outlook onto nice surroundings.

There are two main types of glass used in double glazing projects – toughened and float glass. Float glass is the standard glass used in most windows. As it is relatively fragile, it is generally used in places where there is very little chance of the window being broken, e.g. on the first floor of a building. Toughened glass, as the name suggests, is more hard-wearing and can withstand blows from objects such as footballs, meaning that it can be used on ground floor windows. Toughened glass also shatters when it is penetrated. This is to prevent sharp shards being left and potentially injuring somebody; it is also known as safety glass for this reason.

The glass being used in the glazing project obviously needs a frame to be set in. There are lots of differing types of frame, made from different materials with differing properties. Some offer better insulation than others, some are cheaper than others, and some are more aesthetically pleasing than others.

The most popular frames used for domestic purposes now are made of UPVC. They tick all of the boxes in terms of design and price. UPVC frames are relatively cheap to produce and take very little maintenance. They are also available in a variety of colours to fit any double glazing project.

Double glazing is an expensive investment in any building, and can easily be damaged or broken in many ways. If this happens, you will need a reliable company that offers fantastic value for money to fix your broken window problem. Bromsgrove Glazing Repairs offer a repair service with a smile. Their commitment to excellent customer service means that their clients are always pleased with the company, and their expertise in the field of glazing means that that repair is always done to the highest standards.

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