Double Glazing Repairs Bromsgrove

The rural district of Bromsgrove boasts some of the most impressive and affluent housing throughout the West Midlands region; from the stunning Grafton Manor to traditional terraces. The range of accommodation in the district all has at least one common attribute; that is windows!
Old buildings wishing to preserve their heritage and original features will still have single glazed windows. Whilst this is an original feature of such buildings, single glazing is no longer used in modern houses and businesses as it does not keep out the cold effectively; it has been replaced by double glazing.
The theory behind double glazing is that there are two panes of glass within the frame with a small gap which creates an air pocket between the glass panes. It is this air pocket which reduces the amount of heat and cold being transferred between and through the panes of glass, therefore allowing the temperature to be regulated within the building.
As with any glass product, double glazing may need repairing at some time. Common double glazing repairs Bromsgrove include replacing broken glass due to accidents, replacing the sealed unit after it has failed and fixing or replacing broken locks and hinges. Whatever the reason for needing double glazing repairs in the Bromsgrove area, Bromsgrove Glazing Repairs can help.
We offer a range of services from double glazing repairs, to emergency boarding and glass and glazing replacement in the Bromsgrove area. Our team of glaziers are able to take on any task, no job is too big or small. Call us today on 01527 908 608 to get a no obligation quote on all your double glazing repair requirements.

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